DTwo BBQ Venue on Dublin’s Harcourt Street

BBQ’s are always a fabulous idea for a summer company outing, event or private party however you need to consider your options carefully to make sure it all goes to plan.

When looking to book a venue for your own private BBQ there can be many considerations. Some venues will suit your needs better than others and of course there is the weather issue. Read on to find out more.

  1. Irish BBQ Weather – just don’t rain!

Best month to pick – Ok so you could have guessed it but the graph below proves the best chance of BBQ weather in Dublin is in July. July had the least chance of rain and highest chance of warm weather over the past 30 odd years. Surprised to see August has the highest average rainfall!


*Dublin – 1981 to 2010 Averages June July August September
Mean temperature (degrees celsius) 13.6 15.6 15.3 13.4
Absolute Max (degrees celsius) 25.7 27.6 28.7 24.6
Rainfall mean monthly total (mm) 66.7 56.2 73.3 59.5


  1. Outdoor Venues Ideal- It helps if you have a flexible venue with flexible spaces

When planning a BBQ event the ideal scenario is for your guests to be enjoying themselves in an outdoor venue. Picture a lovely sunny day in a warm beer garden, a pretty terrace, or roof top balcony. A BBQ is relaxed, informal and personal event enabling easy socialising and movement and can be perfect for team building and social days out. Most venues have outdoor heating and should be able to accommodate your guests inside should it get too cold.

  1. 14 degrees rule – how cold is too cold?

The average person will tolerate standing or sitting outside if the temperature is approx. 14 degrees celsius (note this is not scientific fact but observed by WonderBars industry experts). Below 14 degrees celsius and you will find guests hiding indoors or adding clothing layers as they begin chattering instead of chatting.

  1. Rained Off – Alternative plans

If it rains what happens? Does the venue have alternative arrangements in place for your guests in the event of rain. This is especially important to establish for large groups. Check the weather forecast in the days leading up to the BBQ and if the weather is not suitable on the day contact the venue early to agree alternative indoor arrangements. Many good BBQ venues will offer a covered outdoor area and have the option to host guests indoors.

  1. BBQ Food Options

BBQ food is the main attraction. Each venue will have their own style and flavour of menu. When catering for a large group the venue will most likely prepare a lot in advance as to cook everything from scratch on a BBQ can take a long time. There are many venues and bars in Dublin that can cater specifically for BBQ’s and have both invested in cooking equipment and infrastructure to provide everything for large group requirements and corporate events. Most BBQ venues in Dublin will have a set menu for you to choose from and a price per person. It can be a good idea to ask for an arrival drink in a package price – Drinks such as a refreshing cocktail, Pimms based cocktail, glass of bubbly or a cider.

If you are planning a BBQ event see WonderBars BBQ venues in Dublin where you can enquire directly to the bookings manager.

*source: The Met Office – 30 year averages 1981 to 2010 Dublin Airport http://www.met.ie/climate-ireland/1981-2010/dublin.html

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