WonderBars Engagement Party (Finger) Tips 🙂

Trying to book an engagement party venue in Dublin? The whole thing can be quite daunting; how will we make the booking? where will we go? what kind of party do I want to have? It’s a minefield out there and obviously you want everybody to have a good time. We’ve put together some tips to help you plan your event with ease:



1. Don’t plan a lavish affair in the first couple of weeks. Give yourself some time to enjoy your newly engaged status and soak up the fact you’re getting married before you jump into planning a party. Waiting also gives you time to think about the guest list size, style and location of your wedding, which will help when deciding on the type of event you want to throw for the engagement party.


2. A good budget isn’t just for the wedding, even if you’re having a very casual event, a budget is still a good idea, because you will want to have a sense of what’s reasonable to spend. Knowing your budget will also help you narrow down the venue search and decide on the number of guests to invite. It’s also great practice for the wedding!



3. Just like the wedding venue, the place you pick should echo the tone of the party you want to throw, so if you’re thinking casual your local pub or sports bar with a laidback atmosphere would be a great option. For something more formal, you might look at a hotel bar, style bar or private hire room. You don’t want to outshine the actual wedding so try to create a different vibe for the engagement party, so if you’re thinking of a black tie wedding you may consider a buffet-style engagement party.


The Guest List

4. When you’re planning your engagement party it’s important to consider the size of your wedding. If you’re not sure about the guest list for your wedding yet, it may be best to keep your engagement party small with only your closest friends and family to make sure you don’t leave people out later on.



5. Finally, and most importantly dress like you mean to party. It’s your engagement party and every to-be-wed couple deserves to splash out on a new outfit. Keep the party backdrop in mind when choosing your outfit. You don’t want to outdo your wedding, but you want something special enough that you’ll stand out from your guests.


The only advice left to give is enjoy your night and we would love to help you find and reserve your ideal venue.

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