Dublin on a sunny day is a rare gem, like a bus driver that stops as you’re breathlessly pegging it down to the stop.

We Dubliners tend to lose it a little bit once the first rays break through the standard cloud blanket we’re accustomed to, and rightly so. We hereby challenge you to while away a day with your favourite people, sipping a cold one in some of our fair city’s sunniest spots.

Why not make it a crawl while you’re at it? Sure you have all the expert tips you need right here…


An iconic Dublin pub, Grogan’s on a sunny day is easily one of the best places in the world. You can enjoy a lovely pint while basking in the heat – that is if you can get a table outside… they tend to fill up fast!

The Bath Pub

This gorgeous and cosy pub is just minutes away from the Aviva, and their front terrace is one of Dublin’s under-sung sun traps. They have a great selection of craft beers too, so your most fussy mates are sure to find something they love. Check it out here.

The Bernard Shaw

The outdoor area of this Richmond Street institution is massive, with the sun sticking around for hours on end, and we can’t forget the pizza at the Big Blue Bus. There are few places with a buzz like the Shaw’s on a scorcher of a day.


Dtwo is renowned for its award-winning beer garden, and it deserves every single plaudit. An oasis right in the middle of our bustling city, it’s also heated – so no more shivers when the clouds (inevitably) pass over. Have a look here.

The Back Page

This Phibsboro pub has a bit of everything, from craft beer and pizza to a monthly market and it boasts a really special beer garden. Kick back with a pint in a hammock – you deserve it, buddy.

The Bloody Stream

Take a walk around Howth Head with some of the best coastal views in Dublin, and finish your day with a round or two in The Bloody Stream. They have a gorgeous terrace and that sea air will do you a world of good, as mams all over Ireland would say.

The Grand Social

A stalwart of the Northside pub scene, the Grand Social’s spacious outdoor area is the perfect spot for you and your pals to while away some sunny hours. There’s even a cocktail bar so you won’t have to travel too far for your mojito. Have a nosey around here.


Opened in 1818, Toner’s is one of Dublin’s oldest pubs, and was a frequent haunt for Irish writers like Patrick Kavanagh. Their outdoor space, Toner’s Yard, has been one of the most popular beer gardens in the city since it was opened in 2012 and with good reason.

The Barge

Do you think we could honestly go without mentioning this iconic pub? Although not technically a beer garden, and probably not technically legal either (if you’re going to get all fussy about it), The Barge’s canalside location sees people swarming in droves to spend a summer day there.

The Living Room

This Northside sports bar’s beer garden truly is something else. It’s Dublin’s largest, perfect for when you want to get the entire gang together for some summery fun.

Have a look here.

The Jar

This welcoming Wexford Street pub has a gorgeous and atmospheric outdoor space, and you can also help yourself to some delicious Base pizza as you catch some rays. Easily one of the best additions to our city in recent times.

Find out more here.

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