Being part of the G+T brigade is now a badge of honour, but if you really want to up your Gin game, then here are the 7 best gin cocktails in Dublin.

Irish Maiden – The Blind Pig

Absinthe? Yes – absinthe and gin are the main components in the Irish Maiden. A Blind Pig creation that blends Blackwater No5 gin, fresh lemon juice, raspberry syrup and absinthe mist, this is both delicious and full of character.

Gin and Sin – The Gin Palace

With over 120 gins on the menu, the Gin Palace is the original Gin-Meister. Basically, it did gin before gin was cool, so it knows a thing or two. And yet, the simplest cocktail on the menu is the best – the Gin and Sin. Gin, orange juice, lemon juice and grenadine shaken over ice; it gets straight to the point.

Gin Tea – Intercontinental

Gin is so versatile it goes with tea and cake. If you’re an Afternoon Tea enthusiast, you can get your gin fix in the Intercontinental Hotel which now offers a Gin Afternoon Tea Menu. You can choose a refreshed version of the classic G&T or a gin infused with Earl Grey Tea. Served on a pillow of dainty cakes and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, this is the most decadent way to experience gin in Dublin.

Personalised Gin – Bull and Castle

The Bull and Castle have an extensive gin menu with a healthy selection of award-winning Irish gins like Glendalough, Gunpowder, Drumshanbo. But the best part? The gin is gamified – you choose the gin, the garnish and the tonic – leaving you with a smug sense of personalisation.

Heartbreaker – Taco Taco

This is simply a delicious gin. Delicious to look at, delicious to taste. It consists of gin, strawberry jam, rosewater and lime – although not the obvious accompaniment to Mexican food, it’s so damn delicious, who cares? Well played Taco Taco.

The Bramble Cocktail – House

Plymouth gin, blackberry liqueur, lemon, sugar syrup and blackberries, this is a House favourite. One of your five-a-day and so easy to drink. Plus you get to enjoy it in one of the best garden terraces in Dublin.

An Unconventional Negroni – The Exchequer

The Negroni, but not as you know it. The ‘unconventional’ features Hendricks, bitter blend, antica formula and tonic. Anything unconventional is just fine by us. And sure you might as well book in the famed Exchequer Sunday Roast while you’re at it…to soak up the cocktails you know?

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