Could there be a more textured, more interesting, more complex spirit than whiskey? Rich with Irish history too. And despite it’s distinctive taste, whiskey is one of the most versatile spirits in a cocktail. Let us take you on a whiskey adventure with our top eight whiskey-based cocktails in Dublin.

The Exchequer: The Irish Penicillin

The Irish Penicillin in the Exchequer is “both consumer friendly and a great bartenders drink” according to ex-barman Conor Myers. The Teeling Small Batch and the Connemara really shine through; the finish is spicy from the fresh ginger root but balanced with Irish honey and fresh lemon. A piece of crystallised ginger once eaten, changes the complexity of the drink – if you want to up your whiskey cocktail knowledge, this is the drink to aim for.

Vintage Cocktail Club: Whiskey Smash, 1830

The Whiskey Smash consists of: Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon, fresh mint, gomme syrup, on crushed ice with a fresh mint sprig – a firm favourite of ex-bartender, Aoife Maguire – as it’s served in an authentic glass with lots of razzle-dazzle.

Teelings Whiskey: Raspberry Iced Tea Cocktails

Teelings Whiskey Raspberry Iced Tea Cocktails, using Wall and Keogh Teas, is a beautiful pink whiskey drink – and can be enjoyed on their tour if you put in a special request for a cocktail tasting.

Dillinger’s: De La Frontera

“A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork, that’s the way we spell New York” – Dillinger’s spells it out loud and clear, this is as close as you’re gonna get to the Big Apple without hopping on a plane. The De La Frontera brings you that one step closer to the city of dreams with a simple concoction of whiskey, Jerez Vermut, ginger, lime and sugar.

The Liqour Rooms: The Whiskey Galore Punch

Why settle on a single drink? Why not a bowl? A punchbowl? The Whiskey Galore (!) punchbowl in the Liqour Rooms includes Jameson Irish whiskey, vanilla and ginger liqueurs, ginger ale topped with a bottle of prosecco & garnished with assorted fruit. Definitely a crowd pleaser and one to book for a night out.


San Lorenzos: Manhattan Transfer

We love this little twist on a whiskey cocktail – Irish single grain whiskey, stirred over ice with sweet
Vermouth and bitters. Sip and enjoy the quality people watching and buzzy atmosphere San Lorenzo’s is known for.

The Camden Exchange: Whiskey Sour

Bartender Julie Nicell, previously of Smyths Bar in Ranelagh, recommends the Whiskey Sour in the Camden Exchange as it is blindingly simple and blindingly tasty. And if someone in the trade says so…

Drop Dead Twice

Rock up here with your preferred whiskey of choice and ask Mick in Drop Dead to whip you up a bespoke cocktail, according to Ben Curtis of Prize Fight Whiskey. This is both an educational experience as well as a tasting experience as you’ll get all the know-how as the drink is being knocked up.

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