So much fun to be had with a vodka cocktail, not least with some of the classic namesakes – who doesn’t feel a little naughty ordering a Pornstar Martini? And whether you’re a fan or not of the Bloody Mary, you know exactly what it’s for. Here’s a run through of the best Dublin has to offer in the way of vodka cocktails. For our health, we stopped at nine, but the list definitely could have continued…

Pornstar Martini at 37 Dawson Street

According to Conor Myers who used to bartend in the Excqhuer, ask for Archie to make you a Pornstar Martini in 37 Dawson Street. Apparently he can covert anyone who doesn’t “do” vodka cocktails.

High Tea at the Vintage Cocktail Club

Why not sample something a little more refined? The Vintage Cocktail Club offers up High Tea: Chase Distillery marmalade vodka, cranberry tea, fresh citrus, Green Chartreuse, raspberry and grapefruit, with a blood orange, cherry and mint sprig. Perfectly acceptable to drink in the middle of the day. 

Transmetropolitan at the Morrison Hotel

The Transmetropolitan is a revved-up Cosmo made with Absout Citron vodka at the Morrison. Ideal drink for a night out with the gals.

Bloody Mary at Juniors Cafe

The Bloody Mary in Juniors Cafe in one of the best in the city with enough spice to help you get through the absolutely hayuuge Juniors fry (a must-have brunch order). Extra bonus points for spotting lots of the Irish rugby players popping in after training.

Chasing Dragons at the Morgan Hotel

The Morgan Hotel does a mean vodka cocktail called Chasing Dragons that includes house infused chilli vodka, fresh blackberry, crème de cassis, apple juice, fresh lime, egg white & gingerbread. A fruity spicy number that leaves you wanting for more.

Cucumber Spritz at the Morrison

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, something refreshing with a bit of zing, the Cucumber Spritz at the Morrison is the one. Perfect for a summery clutch of cocktails before heading to Forbidden Fruit.

Rhubarb Flip #2 at Dillingers

This is a pure New York drink in one of the best New York-inspired eateries in the city. The Dillingers number includes vodka, rhubarb & rosemary syrup, lemon and egg whites. You’ll love the rhubarb twist – a little bitter and a little wicked.

Calisson at Dillingers

Dilligers again with a very refreshing vodka cocktail. The Calisson includes vodka, Disaronno, melon, orange, lemon, rosemary, orgeat. Practically good for you.

Basil Grande at The Jar

Culinary cocktails are the new black, don’t you know? And the Basil Grande from The Jar, is not one to be sniffed at. Though, with a fragrant mix of Ketel One Vodka, Chambord Cointreau, basil leaves, strawberries and cranberry juice, we wouldn’t blame you if you had a bit of a nose.

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