Over 25 function rooms Dublin has to offer & tips for booking one.


Dublin is known the world over for having bars and venues that are iconic and worth visiting, but what about the many choices for function rooms Dublin offers scattered throughout the city?! There are many function room gems in our capital that can be used for social, corporate and marketing events. When you need to book one for your own event or party it can take time and effort to select the ideal venue, that is why we have put together a list of over 25 function rooms Dublin offers and you can enquire directly to on WonderBars (How WonderBars free service works). We have also put together some handy tips we hope you will find useful when you are considering booking a function room.

No time for tips? Show me over 25 Function Rooms Dublin has on offer

The Bridge 1859 in Ballsbridge Dublin upstairs River Rooms available for private functions
The Bridge 1859 in Ballsbridge Dublin upstairs River Rooms available for private functions

Tips when booking a function room


What is the occasion for? 

If it’s a Birthday bash, you may want to invite work colleagues, neighbours and friends. If it’s a corporate or marketing event, you may have large numbers of important clients or business contacts. There are many dedicated private hire event spaces and multiple choices of function room Dublin bars & venues have available.  Some can cater for either a highly tailored and bespoke package or there are more typical informal function rooms in bars and pubs generally located upstairs or downstairs in a venue with a separate entrance. If your budget allows you can also look at hiring an entire venue for your event. Many venues listed on WonderBars offer this option.

How many people is too many people?

Numbers always change. Most invite-lists start big and get small. And most parties start small and get big! Think of the size of the venue and the amount of people it can hold. WondersBars lists the maximum capacity of all the function rooms available to book for private hire. It is important to try and reserve a venue that can accommodate your guests comfortably. Be careful not to reserve a venue that is too big though. Function rooms that are too big for the number of guests can negatively impact on the atmosphere as guests are spread too far apart and limits the chances for chats, banter or networking.

The Vintage Room in The Workman’s Club available for private hire in Dublin City

Music policy

Can you play your own music or does the venue provide a selection of music? If Kanye is King, Bruce Springsteen is your Boss or Stevie Wonder is your Master Blaster, you may want to select designated songs to play. If it’s important for you to dance to your favourite playlist or to set a specific tone at an event, it may be best to have the music playlist set-up in advance with the venue. Make sure to enquire in advance as to what kind of system the venue has, do they allow you plug in your own device or can they provide you with a playlist option.

Is it a set date or are your dates flexible? Think midweek vs weekend.

Availability of popular private function rooms will most definitely depend on your required date, day and time. Popular venues need to be booked in advance, especially for weekend bookings. If you have the flexibility it is worth considering hosting your event midweek Sunday to Thursday. You will find most venues and function rooms across Dublin City will be available midweek.  You will most likely get your preferred venue and secure better prices for a midweek event. Of course Friday and Saturday are forever in demand so if you require your function room on the weekend then make sure to reserve well in advance (3 to 6 months in advance if possible)

The Arrol Suite at The Guinness Storehouse® event space available to reserve

Food options

Many places offer food options such as platters, finger food or set party and event menus. Most venues have set menu options they can offer you. You should enquire as to what is available and it is a good time to see if they can offer you a better price. The more numbers you are bringing to a venue the better the deal you should be able to get on food. Your budget may go further if you shop around.

Arrival drinks

Many venues offer tokens to guests on arrival for pre-arranged drinks. If you need to ensure each of your guests receive a drink on arrival then you can arrange this with a venue in advance. Most venues can tailor a package to your needs whether it is a champagne reception, whiskey tasting or cocktail on arrival.

The Exchequer Wine Bar in Ranelagh have a private function room upstairs for private events

Booking Terms and Conditions

Make sure to get any booking terms and conditions from a venue in advance, so you are aware of their policies. For example, some venues allow party decorations and others will not it just depends. Also some venues will have different age policies which you should be aware of.

Booking Deposits & Hire Fees

Please be aware that most venues will require a booking deposit to secure a booking for a private function room. Depending on the size of your event, booking deposits are almost always fully refundable, so you get it back once you arrive with your guests on the day of the event. A venue may ask you for credit card details to hold (in case of no show some charge a flat deposit and others charge a deposit per person). If you have to cancel make sure to contact the venue as soon as possible so they are aware and you can receive your deposit back.

For larger events you may be charged a hire fee and an upfront booking deposit to secure the venue, this is standard practice for larger events. Hire fees can range from a set price fee for the area for a certain amount of time or a minimum spend that must be agreed in advance. Not all venues charge a hire fee for a private function room however and fees can vary depending on the time of year and demand for the venue.

Over 25 function rooms Dublin has to offer

Click on any of the function rooms below to find out more information about what each can offer. We work directly with each venue to try and make it super easy for you to send a free enquiry directly to any venue booking manager listed on WonderBars (you can read how WonderBars works). All of the venues we work are highly experienced and love to take bookings for all types of events, occasions and meet ups. Send your enquiry today and get one step closer to making your event Happen! WonderBars venues are waiting to hear from you.

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