If there’s one cocktail that screams sophistication, it’s the Espresso Martini. And yet, for something so sophisticated, it’s actually surprisingly easy to make. According to Aoife Maguire, former Bodytonic bartender and enthusiastic cocktail consumer, there’s nothing complicated about making one – you just need good quality ingredients and the right tools.

To start:

An Espresso Martini is all about…the Espresso. Good quality coffee is absolutely vital.

If you don’t have a proper coffee machine (which, so many don’t – unless it was an unwanted Christmas Gift – and now is it’s time to shine) an espresso pot is the best choice and cheaper than a full coffee machine.


  • Shot of espresso (about 30mls)
  • Vodka (a measure and a half is generally standard, so about 50mls)
  • Coffee liqueur (Kaluha) (30mls)
  • Ice
  • Coffee beans


  • Cocktail shaker
  • Strainer
  • Sieve


Brew up your espresso.

Everything goes in the shaker, along with a generous scoop of ice.

Shake the absolute hell out of it – this is important to create the froth that will appear on top.

When finished shaking, pour into a chilled glass using the cocktail strainer AND a sieve. This will also help the froth.

(Froth is obviously a very important component…)

Arrange a few coffee beans on top for effect, and voila 🙂


A perfect drink for a sophisticated dinner party and all the brownie points for making them yourself.
Still afraid? Well buyer beware: if ordered in a busy cocktail bar, the bartender might hate you.

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